Pottstown School Gives Kids Real Work In A Virtual World

POTTSTOWN PA – “In an increasingly virtual world,” says Gallery School of Pottstown Assistant Director Julie Tonnessen, “it’s important to give our children an experience of working in the real world. It is amazing to see a child gain confidence and pride in their work, and perhaps discover that although they may not be a great athlete, or have the best grades in their class, they have this talent they never knew they possessed.”

The rewards of introducing children to art at the school, 254 E. High St., Pottstown PA, were discussed Thursday (Dec. 1, 2011) by Tonnessen in an interview published by the Roots of Pottstown Revitalization blog.

“It’s just as important,” she added, “to convey the value in the journey, that having fun and stretching themselves in a new way is more important than getting everything perfect.”

Photo from Google Images