PA Will Install Electric Car Chargers Across Turnpike

HARRISBURG PA – The state Department of Environmental Protection estimates drivers use only a few hundred electric vehicles in Pennsylvania, but The Pittsburgh (PA) Tribune-Review newspaper reported the agency said Wednesday (Dec. 14, 2011) it will spend $1 million to install electric charging stations at Pennsylvania Turnpike service plazas.

Car Charging Group of Miami will install charging stations at the turnpike’s 17 plazas — first between Harrisburg and the New Jersey state line, then between Harrisburg and the Ohio line, and finally along the Northeastern Extension. The Turnpike Commission is spending $500,000 to boost electrical capacity at the service plazas.

President Obama has said he wants to see 1 million electric vehicles in use nationwide by 2015. The government spent billions of dollars on the development of electric cars, parts and charging stations.

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