Trudging Through Downtown During Saturday’s Snow

POTTSTOWN PA – There wasn’t a lot of snow, by comparative winter standards, that fell Saturday Jan. 21, 2012) in the borough of Pottstown. There was, however, enough to make life interesting … up to 3 inches in some places, and underlaid with an earlier coating of ice that made travel slippery and somewhat treacherous. Some weekend activities were canceled, and local residents (above, near the corner of High and Franklin streets) donned heavy coats and thick boots for a walk outside.

Snow plows were kept busy clearing borough streets for most of the morning and into early afternoon. Given the slower pace of traffic (above, on Hanover Street just south of King), it occasionally seemed like impatient plow operators were ready to move the vehicles ahead of them along in the same way they pushed the snow aside. Appearances can indeed be deceiving; there was plenty of room between most plow trucks and the cars, buses and trucks surrounding them.

There wasn’t a lot of room for parking, however, at least not without some snow-blowing help in places like the east-side curbs along Hanover Street near the offices of The Pottstown Mercury (above). With ice beneath, and a dusting of snow atop slush sandwiched in the middle, removing Mother Nature’s wintry mix of residue took patience, effort, and a strong back no matter whether machines or simple shovels were used for the job.

Maybe the only things enhanced by the snow downtown (below, on High Street near South Evans ) were holiday decorations still hanging from lamp posts there. None of the white stuff was around at Christmas, when the red-ribboned wreaths looked a little bare and forlorn. Even with the season over, on Saturday they seemed to fit right in.