Everybody, It Seems, Has Opinions On Ugg Controversy

POTTSTOWN PA – What do folks who live in Yakima WA – 2,723 miles northwest of Pottstown borough – have in common with Pottstown School District residents? They, just like fashionistas here, have a wealth of opinions on the Pottstown Middle School‘s ire-raising ban Wednesday (Jan. 25, 2012) on Uggs and similar open-topped boots.

Principal Gail Cooper announced to middle school parents that any open-topped boots (the Ugg brand is one of the most popular, and expensive, of that type) would no longer be allowed to be worn by students in classrooms. Her reason: cell phones, which are allowed in school but only under restrictions, were being hidden inside them. That unleashed a firestorm of comment on both sides of the argument, detailed in The (Pottstown PA) Mercury newspaper.

It got people in Yakima yacking too.

Television station KNDO-KNDU, the NBC network affiliate in Yakima (population roughly 71,000 people; about 3 times the size of Pottstown), ran an item late Thursday night on its Facebook wall that took note of the controversy, and added “The school says students are allowed to wear (the boots) to and from school, but must change shoes when they get to school. What are you thoughts?” The responses it’s gotten so far, below, are a mixed bag of agreement, disagreement, and “why-should-we-care?”

See them below:

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Images from Facebook, KNDO-TV