Pottstown Residents Dump Electronics Goods Out East

HAPPY PARTICIPANTS IN A MONTGOMERY COUNTY RECYCLING EFFORT – Home owners and office managers alike in the borough of Pottstown were among the hundreds of people who took advantage Saturday (March 17, 2012) of Montgomery County’s free offer to haul away unwanted electronic items like computers and televisions. They traveled east and jammed a portion of the north-side parking lot at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Limerick to dump what amounted to three tractor-trailer loads of screens, chips, circuitry and other goods. Workers at the site unloaded cars, heaped the junk onto pallets, shrink-wrapped them for stability (above), then loaded them into trucks bound for the recycling center. The county effort saved the material from landfills. For more photos on what was a busy day at the shopping center, see The Limerick Post, here.