IP Attorney Discusses Supreme Court Decision

IP Attorney Discusses Supreme Court Decision

Jonathan Spadt

VALLEY FORGE PA – Intellectual property attorney and Lower Pottsgrove Township resident Jonathan H. Spadt was scheduled to be a guest speaker Tuesday (April 3, 2012) during a professional teleconference on “the patent eligibility of medical method patent claims involving a law of nature.”

Spadt, who is chief executive officer of the RatnerPrestia law firm in Valley Forge and president of the township Board of Commissioners, was slated to discuss reasoning behind a March 20 legal opinion offered in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories.

The Court unanimously held that claims on methods of determining whether drug dosing levels should be increased or decreased, based on levels of a metabolite in a patient’s bloodstream, were not patent-eligible. His office reported Spadt was to focus on the Court’s reasoning and what it may mean for the future of personalized medicine. The teleconference was sponsored by the Patentability Subcommittee of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, of which Spadt is a member.

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