‘So That The Unfortunate Might Not Go Hungry’

'So That The Unfortunate Might Not Go Hungry'

OFFERING ITS ASSISTANCE TO THE CLUSTER – Members of the Deaconate Board of the Pottstown First Baptist Church presented a $1,000 donation Thursday (April 26, 2012) to the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities, to continue the Cluster’s work in providing for the basic human needs of greater Pottstown area families who lack necessities like food, clothing and financial assistance. The gift was art of the Cluster’s annual volunteer luncheon, hosted by Morningstar Fellowship in Bechtelsville. “While these economic times are difficult for the church also, we recognize that it is precisely these times when we are called to double our sacrifice so that the very unfortunate might not go hungry,” board chairperson Charles Washington, third from right, told Cluster Executive Director Barbara Wilhelmy, third from left.

Photo from the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities