Pottstown Boro, Schools Enjoy Lower Tax Delinquency

NORRISTOWN PA – The Norristown PA law firm hired by both the Pottstown School District and the borough of Pottstown to collect their delinquent taxes says it recovered more than $3.2 million combined for both entities during 2011 and, as a result, also helped lower their delinquency rates.

Pottstown Borough, Schools Enjoy Lower Tax DelinquencyPortnoff Law Associates, 1000 Sandy Hill Rd., had collected $2,302,584 by the end of last year on behalf of the school district, and another $951,187 for the borough, in overdue taxes paid by property owners, and users of water, sewer and trash services according to company attorney and company President Michelle Portnoff.

In addition, she said, both have seen a drop in the number of delinquencies. They’re down 10 percent in the school district, and 16 percent in the borough, Portnoff reported. Her firm specializes in recovering delinquent real estate taxes and delinquent municipal fees owed to school districts and municipalities across the state.

Portnoff isn’t surprised that “fewer delinquencies were incurred,” she said. “Based on our experience … once property owners see a taxing district is serious” about collecting from delinquents, “they tend to become timely taxpayers.”

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