Stores in Pottstown, Phoenixville Join In Phone Program

by Burt Stein, Business Editor
for The Post Publications

Stores in Pottstown, Phoenixville Join In Phone ProgramPOTTSTOWN PA – Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate currently ranks among the lowest nationwide, but those who rank among the 7.4-percent of state residents without jobs still must stay connected to family, emergency services, and new work opportunities. Cricket Communications Inc., a wireless service provider, says its Cricket Lifeline Credit program could help.

For qualifying applicants, the Cricket Lifeline Credit government assistance program provides a $10 discount on their monthly wireless bill for one phone in their household.  Current Cricket customers can apply at Cricket-brand dealers, including Dream Inc. and AKS Wholesale in Pottstown, and Innovative Wireless in Phoenixville.

Residents without Cricket Wireless service must activate a new account before being considered for enrollment. Applicants must provide documentation that verifies participation in one of the eligible programs, or of household income.

Photo from Google Images