College’s Career Center Gains LGBTQ Certification

by Burt Stein, Business Editor
for The Post Publications

POTTSTOWN PA – Montgomery County Community College’s Career Center has received a bronze level certification from Out for Work’s Career Center Certification Program, for developing and implementing career resources designed for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students.

College's Career Center Gains LGBTQ CertificationOut for Work is a non-profit organization that offers programs, services and other assistance to LGBTQ students, as well as staff training and webinars.

“There are laws protecting students with disabilities, minorities, and women, but in many places, there are no laws protecting the rights of LGBTQ students,” said Kate Shirey, Perkins Career Coach at the MCCC West Campus in Pottstown. “These resources provide tools and information for students as they leave college and enter the work world.”

“Students in the LGBTQ community face a unique set of challenges during the job search process.  For many, it becomes vital to decide if and how they want to come out during the job search. That decision affects how the student will market his or her skills and experience via the resume, interviews and while networking,” Shirey said. “There are also resources available identifying workplaces with accepting environments.”

MCCC students and alumni can access these career resources, here.  For more information, call 610-718-1800 (for the Pottstown campus) or 215-641-6300 (for the Blue Bell campus).

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