Bye-Bye Bally! Saturday Carnival Got Weather-Soaked

ALL THAT FUN, WASHED OUT – No, Alana J. Mauger admitted, from inside her car it didn’t look like all that much fun. Mauger, whose name often appears in the news as communications director for Montgomery County Community College, ventured out Saturday night (July 28, 2012) to Bally PA for the borough’s annual carnival. Just as she arrived, the skies opened up with rain, hail, thunder and lightning The fierce weather ruined what she and others had hoped would be an enjoyable evening of rides, recreation and snacks. “So much for the Bally carnival,” Mauger lamented via Twitter, accompanied by this raindrop-splattered photo of the lighted but dwindling nightlife in the distance.

Photo by Alana J. Mauger via Twitter

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