DVRPC Inventories Region’s Freight-Related Land Use

DVRPC Inventories Region's Freight-Related Land Use

A crane shuffles a container at one of Philadelphia’s docks

PHILADELPHIA PA – Freight centers play an essential role in ensuring greater Philadelphia’s economic vitality, and form an important part of many of its communities. A new report from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, titled “The Delaware Valley Freight Center Inventory: Taking Stock Of A Vital Regional Asset,” advances the status of freight-related land uses by inventorying and categorizing areas where such activity is clustered and most pronounced.

The report defines three types of freight centers, and inventories 44 clusters of freight-related activity in the region. A total of 42,658 acres of land are designated into six freight-related land use types, including light manufacturing, heavy manufacturing, distribution, transportation, quarry and mixing, and utility. The report stresses the importance of protecting freight centers and enhancing multi-modal access.

Freight centers are vital to the region’s job market, accounting for 35 percent of manufacturing jobs in the region served by the commission. In addition to these jobs, freight centers also spur commercial and other economic growth in surrounding areas. As a result, designated freight centers may play a larger role in future commission planning activities.

View the report in its entirety, here. Learn more about the commission’s Freight Planning Program and its Freight Advisory Committee, here.

Photo from DVRPC