Upper Pottsgrove Sells Address Signs In Fund-Raiser

POTTSTOWN PA – A fund-raising product being sold by members of the Upper Pottsgrove Fire Company will not only benefit community firefighting efforts, but also could make township residents a little bit safer, company President Jeremy Wozniak said Tuesday (July 30, 2013).

Upper Pottsgrove Sells Address Signs In Fund-Raiser

That green sign with white numerals is easy to spot, even on an Upper Pottsgrove fire engine

The company is selling high-visibility street address number signs, 18-inches by 6-inches, for $20 each, and at other prices for custom sizes by request. The signs are constructed from  the same reflective materials as most street signs, Wozniak said, and ensure a clearly visible address during the day or night.

“One constant we all can rely on is that when we pick up the phone to dial 9-1-1, emergency responders will be there quickly,” he noted, and “new technologies such as GPS and vehicle-mounted data terminals have improved the way police, emergency medical services, and fire services respond to emergencies.”

One major thing homeowners can do to help first responders locate their property easily “is to have address numbers that are clearly visible,” Wozniak added. If something goes wrong with their location equipment, emergency crews must depend on their eyes to find the right address to get on-scene. That can be particularly difficult at night, he said, or in heavily wooded areas where overgrowth obscures address numbers on mailboxes and houses.

Interested homeowners can order a sign directly from the Upper Pottsgrove Fire Company website, here, or by using a mail-order form available at the township office, 1409 Farmington Ave.