$10M Bond Auction Possibly On Pottstown’s Calendar

Bond Auction Possibly On Pottstown's CalendarPOTTSTOWN PA – A bond auction, at which the Pottstown School District could raise about $10 million to pay for renovations at its Franklin, Lincoln and Rupert elementary buildings, is anticipated to be held Oct. 21 (2013; Monday) if the Board of School Directors gives the go-ahead, The (Pottstown PA) Mercury newspaper reported.

Authorization for the bonds was on the board’s Monday night (Sept. 23) agenda. “Interest rates are so low that the best deal can be made by going out on the open market for the bonds,” The Mercury quoted Business Manager Linda Adams’ earlier advice to board members.

Reconstruction and expansion work at the elementary schools began during May, the newspaper reported Saturday (Sept. 21). Students at Lincoln and Franklin are occupying those schools while renovations are under way. Rupert’s students have been relocated to the now-vacant Edgewood Elementary school, which was closed in June.

The make-over of a fourth school, Elizabeth B. Barth Elementary, was recently completed and re-dedicated last week.