It’s C-O-O-L Inside Boyertown’s Upgraded Museum

It's C-O-O-L Inside Boyertown's Upgraded MuseumBOYERTOWN PA – New heating, ventilation and air conditioning units have been installed in the main gallery of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles to increase visitors’ comfort, museum Curator Kendra Cook announced Monday (June 30, 2014). The two units, manufactured in the United States, have been installed at opposite ends of the gallery and will both heat and cool the large exhibit space, she said.

Additionally, Cook added, museum collections also will benefit from a consistent temperature.

The HVAC improvement is only the latest in a series of environmental upgrades at the museum. Lighting upgrades were made in recent years, and more physical changes to the facility are planned as it prepares to celebrate in 2015 the golden anniversary of its founding.

The museum is located at 85 S. Walnut St., and is charged with preserving Pennsylvania’s transportation history. It displays more than 80 locally manufactured cars, trucks, carriages, motorcycles, sleighs, and other types of vehicles. Two examples of roadside architecture, a 1921 gas station and a 1938 diner, are also on permanent display.

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