Pottstown Teacher Writes ‘What Was That Sound?’

Pottstown Teacher Writes 'What Was That Sound?'

Author Marilyn Bainbridge, center, reads to a summertime crowd

The new book

Her new book

POTTSTOWN PA – Pottstown teacher Marilyn Bainbridge has written and published a new book for children that was inspired by one of her own, who was a light sleeper and regularly awoke worried about noises heard during the night.

The book, “What Was That Sound?,” was “an opportunity to help other parents address the problem of noises in the night,” said Bainbridge, who works at the high school. Besides, she added, “children’s literature has always been a topic that interested me, and the book gave me a chance to express myself and hope to bring joy into the lives of little ones.”

The 24-page illustrated book follows the adventure of a curious child who is awakened during the night and sets out to learn the source of a sound. Bainbridge’s effort also is available in e-book form, and is published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises.

Images from the Pottstown School District and Tate Publishing