Keeping This List Handy Seemed A Priority

Not Much Of A Storm, But List Was A KeeperA HAPPY BY-PRODUCT OF NOT-SO-STORMY WEATHER – Here’s a graphic that contains a list of telephone numbers for three electric utilities – PECO, PPL, and Metropolitan Edison – that serve properties in portions of Montgomery County. The county Department of Public Safety supplied it on its Facebook page. It reminded residents that when power fails they need to call the utilities, and not 9-1-1, to solve those storm-related problems. “Not saying it’s gonna happen,” county officials said playfully, “but in case the power goes out, you’ll need these numbers.” Dozens of people took that advice; about 160 of them shared it with their Facebook friends. With an average of 338 friends per adult Facebook user, according to 2014 figures from the Pew Research Center, that means the list could have reached more than 53,000 recipients.

Graphic from the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety