Tantalizing Twists Emerge From Pretzel Fest

Everything Takes A Twist At Lititz Pretzel Fest

A sister and brother dared to take this challenge: use a coffee stirrer to hoist a mini-pretzel to your mouth without using your hands, then drop it to your teeth and chew it to bits. It’s not easy …

Everything Takes A Twist At Lititz Pretzel FestLITITZ PA – Julius Sturgis, a commercial baker in the Lancaster County borough of Lititz who previously produced bread for his living, in 1861 opened America’s first commercial pretzel bakery. One hundred and fifty-four years after Sturgis’ customers took their first crunchy bites of his wares, Lititz residents and thousands of visitors again celebrated that heritage.

The borough Kiwanis Club held its fourth annual Pretzel Fest on Saturday (May 2, 2015) along lengthy East Main Street (PA Route 772) through downtown Lititz, and across several additional blocks of intersecting Broad Street (PA Route 501). There were games and musical entertainment and local tours, but the prime attractions were pretzels in all their many and varied forms.

Everything Takes A Twist At Lititz Pretzel Fest

He: “You’ve gotta try this.” And she: “Yeah, and you should try this!”

Soft and doughy. Hard and tooth-jarring. Sugared, soured, and sauced (or not). Thick, thin, straight, or twisted. Tiny enough to fit on your pinky like a ring, or huge enough to pull through a bull’s nose. Ticketed visitors could sample them all, stopping into almost a dozen local merchants to try sweet, salty and savory creations like the “Inside-Out Chocolate Pretzel with Caramel Sauce” and “Seven-Layer Pretzel Coconut Bars.”

Everything Takes A Twist At Lititz Pretzel Fest

Slice a hot, baked pretzel bun in half. Fill it with chocolate pieces. Heat it again on a griddle until chocolate melts. Top with caramel sauce. Eat and lick fingers. Repeat

Everything Takes A Twist At Lititz Pretzel Fest

If you’re counting calories, stop at “1.” These (above and below) are seven-layer Pretzel Coconut Bars.

Everything Takes A Twist At Lititz Pretzel Fest

For some, eating was the simple part. Making choices – the cheese sauce, the mustard sauce, or the marinara; pick one! – was tougher

Those who didn’t care much for pretzels weren’t disappointed, though. The day was bright with sunshine, fluffy white clouds in a light blue sky, and a high of 72 degrees. Downtown was packed not only with pretzel perfectionists but diners and drinkers at an abundance of sidewalk tables, bargain hunters, selfie photographers, hand-holding couples, and at least one family that preferred ice cream as its treat of the day.

They chose ice cream. We bet there was a pretzel in there somewhere

They chose ice cream. We bet pretzel pieces were in there somewhere

Photos by Joe Zlomek for The Post Publications LLC

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