ReadyMontco Alert System Now Running

SANATOGA PA – If warnings issued Monday afternoon (June 8, 2015) about heavy thunderstorms and the threat of a tornado across a wide swath of Montgomery County prompted worries about personal or family safety, Ray Lopez hopes you’ll think about being ready for whatever future the weather, or any possible emergency, holds.

ReadyMontco Alert System Now Running, Board LearnsAs Lower Pottsgrove Township’s emergency management coordinator, Lopez is urging Greater Pottstown area residents to register for a new, free system that will send them phone, text or e-mail alerts about local, county-wide, and in some cases school emergency situations. It’s called “ReadyMontco,” and it went active last week (Tuesday, June 2).

Lopez introduced the system Monday night during a presentation to the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners. Ironically, before he spoke, his cell phone received an audible alert about the pending thunderstorm. Then, as he talked, torrents of rain fell outside the municipal building at 2199 Buchert Rd.

He apologized to commissioners for the phone interruption, but happily noted the effectiveness of the system.

In earlier years some area residents had registered to receive alerts under an older, less sophisticated transmission program called “ReadyNotifyPA,” Lopez said. Because the county is transitioning to ReadyMontco, those same residents will have to sign up anew. Registration doesn’t take long, he promised, and it’s completed easily in any web browser.

The system’s improved features let users selectively choose the alerts they want to receive, when they want them, and how they’ll get them. Messages about emergencies in the borough of Pottstown and from the Pottstown School District are available for delivery

Stormy skies Monday as seen over Pottstown at about 7 p.m.

Stormy skies Monday as seen over Pottstown at about 7 p.m.

The types of emergencies for which notices will be available cover most interests of those who live in the county. Severe weather warnings, like the tornado watch issued Monday for an area that included Pottstown, Sanatoga and Limerick, top that list. The system will also offer news about:

  • traffic disruptions, including major collisions and road closures;
  • shelter-in-place and evacuation information;
  • significant water main breaks; and
  • significant law enforcement or fire rescue incidents that affect the community.

The county describes ReadyMontco as “a direct connection to updates; instructions on where to go, what to do (and what NOT to do), and who to contact; and other important information.”

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Storm photo by Danielle Long via Twitter