Local Tax Sale Parcels Now Unavailable

NORRISTOWN PA – Montgomery County’s latest judicial real estate tax sale opened last Tuesday (Aug. 4, 2015) with dozens of properties in Pottstown, the Pottsgroves, Limerick, Royersford and Collegeville being marketed by Treasurer Jason Salus as potentially “free and clear” bargains.

That’s no longer the case. All but one of the locally available properties offered for purchase to investors have been withdrawn or postponed until a later sale.

Current owners of these properties will consider this happy news. It gives them time to find or make arrangements to find the money to pay outstanding taxes owed to the county, school districts, or municipalities.

On the other hand, it limits what remains for those shopping for a home or land at cut-rate prices. The sale is scheduled to be held Aug. 20 (Thursday) at 10 a.m. in Courtroom A of the county courthouse, 2 E. Airy St.

When the list of properties to be auctioned was first released it contained:

  • Twenty-five parcels in Pottstown. Of those, six had their overdue taxes paid in full, three were sold at a county sheriff’s sale; and 16 were postponed to Oct. 15 or later;
  • Two in Lower Pottsgrove. Of those, one was paid in full; the second is still on the sale list;
  • One in Royersford, taxes for which were paid in full; and
  • One each in Upper Pottsgrove, West Pottsgrove, Limerick and Collegeville, all of which were postponed.

Other properties in other parts of the county are still available for auction … for now. Salus admits the “list is updated daily and may change up to the day of sale.” Find the list here.

The purpose of the sale is to put severely tax-delinquent properties into new hands and, hopefully, back onto the tax rolls. Salus qualifies his use of the term “free and clear” as referring to the divestment of all liens from judicial sale properties when they are sold.

He nonetheless acknowledges that “all properties are sold as-is and without warranty or guarantee as to condition of title.” Salus also recommends any interested buyers consult with an attorney or similarly qualified professional before submitting bids for tax sale properties.

For more information, call 484-681-9231.