County To Spray In Pottstown For Mosquitoes

POTTSTOWN PA – Areas bordered by Wilson, King, North Hanover, North Adams and North Warren streets within the borough will be sprayed with insecticide Tuesday (Aug. 18, 2015) from about 8:30-11 p.m. in an attempt to kill adult mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus, the Montgomery County Health Department said Friday (Aug. 14).

An alternate date of Aug. 25 (Tuesday) also was announced, for the same times, in case next Tuesday’s weather makes spraying impossible.

County health workers will use what the department described as “Duet Duel-action Adulticide at a rate of .75 fluid ounces per acre applied with a truck-mounted, ultra-low volume sprayer. It added the decision to spray was made after consulting with Pottstown officials and representatives of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Sampling in the selected area indicates mosquitoes that carry the virus are found there, it added. A map of the area is attached as a third page of the department’s press release on the chosen dates, found here.

Residents within the spray area should consider remaining indoors, closing windows, and turning off ventilation systems that draw in outside air for the duration of the spraying period, plus 30 minutes after, according to the county.

The department said it continues to work with appropriate agencies to identify, eliminate, or treat with larvacide areas where mosquitoes are breeding. Local residents should call the department at 610-278-5117 if they are concerned about an area of standing water that may be a breeding area.

Photo from Google Images