At West End In Stowe, Farewell Summer!

A young girl looks surprised as she bites into an ice cream cone Thursday night

STOWE PA – For an end-of-summer salute, volunteers at the West End Fire Company on Rice Street in Stowe this weekend are welcoming crowds into their carnival behind the fire house. That’s where, on Thursday night (Sept. 3, 2015), kids screamed with delight on fast rides while worried parents looked on, mouths of all sizes dug into a variety of foods, and the adventurous attempted to win their weight in prizes while trying to avoid spending their weight in pocket change.

The carnival continues tonight (Friday, Sept. 4) and Saturday (Sept. 5). Admission is free; parking is where you find it (but remember, never near a fire hydrant, the West End crew will tell you).

The goal: toss the ball into the fish bowl. These two had special seats

Someone has to inflate all those toys and balloon prizes. On Thursday, the job fell to this guy

There were fast rides. There were scary rides. And then, there was a combination of the two. Check the expressions of riders in the purple car

In the tea cups, with a favorite stuffed animal as company

If you’re at the fire house, but lack the chance to climb up on one of the real engines, maybe this substitute will do

Concentrating at the ring toss game

Demonstrating his skill as a fire-fighter, or at least with a hose

Photos by Joe Zlomek for The Post Publications LLC