A Flavorful, Fun Time Sunday In Downtown

Crowds packed the food tents (above) at Sunday’s Carousel of Flavor, with each diner patiently waiting his or her turn to sample some of local restaurants’ tastiest dishes

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Sharing was allowed, even encouraged, but first you had to have a spoon

POTTSTOWN PA – If it was great to smell, delicious to eat, and went with a fine wine, cold brew or bubbly soft drink, it probably was available for purchase Sunday afternoon (Sept. 13, 2015), during the 12th annual Carousel of Flavor fund-raiser downtown in the 100 block of East High Street to benefit the Carousel At Pottstown project.

There was cheesy gourmet goodness to die for ...

There was cheesy goodness to die for …

... and for others, just a simple hamburger hit the spot

… and for some, just a simple hamburger hit the spot

The usual crowd-pleasers were evident: hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream. So were other treats: decadent macaroni and cheese, deli-thin roast beef piled high on a bun (want au jus with that?), fancily decorated cupcakes that looked almost too pretty to eat. And chili, and barbecue, and crab cakes (served three different ways!), and an intriguing selection of locally bottled wines and craft beers.

No, there was no chance you’d walk away hungry.

Fun was playing in the water spray at the Smith Family Park fountain …

Diners grabbed a table at Smith Family Park and talked as children played at the edges of its fountain. Others milled about in the middle of High Street, eating as they walked and watching other people, also eating. Friends chatted. Folks who hadn’t seen each other for months were re-united. Pure strangers became polite passers-by.

... and sampling some ice cream from Brusters in Limerick

… and sampling some ice cream from Brusters in Limerick

The weather certainly helped. Although the skies were somewhat cloudy for a portion of the day, and temperatures a little-too-fall-like for some, the event was generally sunny. It was an enjoyable time to be outdoors.

You might soon be able to yell "giddy-up" to these little ponies

You might soon be able to yell “giddy-up” to these little ponies

The object of all this attention, the entertaining and soon-to-be-finished West King Street carousel that holds the promise of bringing even more tourists downtown, was of course open for inspection. It’s been a big week for carousel boosters: the project on Thursday (Sept. 10) won a $250,000 economic redevelopment grant from Montgomery County that will help speed its completion.

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Culinary Arts Institute students at Montgomery County Community College served as food judges

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A hot dog and chips quickly turned this frown into a smile

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That lemon wedge was the perfect compliment

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All you needed for food were tickets. Real estate agent Dave DeLong was the man to see for them

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Ladling out tomato-rich goodness

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There was a selection of arts and crafts items available for shoppers, too

Carousel animal photo from the Carousel At Pottstown via Facebook
All other photos by Joe and Debbie Zlomek for The Post Publications LLC