New ‘Pottstown Pride’ Edition Available

POTTSTOWN PA – Pottstown Pride, the Pottsgrove School District journal that details accomplishments of its students, staff and alumni, released its Spring-Summer 2015 edition, district Director of Community Relations John Armato reported Thursday (Sept. 17, 2015).

New in the publication, Armato said, are “a photo gallery of the class of 2015 senior portraits; links to video, blogs and new stories; video of the Jazz Band, Rupert construction and rededication, Miss Wagner’s end-of-year class review, Miss Minger’s school life video, and the hit-of-the-year high school “Shake It Off” lip dub.

Armato offered special thanks to Jan Endy, a Pottstown graduate and staff member, for her efforts to design and produce the edition. A copy of the publication is available for free download from The Post Resources Page, here.