Police Reportedly Look For Suspects In Video

POTTSTOWN PA – Upper Pottsgrove police are reportedly asking for public help in identifying and finding two individuals, claimed to be suspects and seen in video footage Saturday (Jan. 2, 2016) during early morning hours at the Turnberry Farm housing community in the township, as they appear to enter a unlocked vehicle and take contents from inside it.

No official press release or police report was available from township police Saturday as of 6 p.m., so details of the incident could not be immediately verified. The video surfaced Saturday at about noon in a status update posted on the Facebook page of Crime In Pottstown, and was said to be taken from cameras at a nearby residence on Meadowview Drive.

Crime In Pottstown urged viewers with information to contact the Upper Pottsgrove department at 610-326-8446.

A date and time for the recording appears in the upper left corner of its frame. According to statistics available from Facebook, the video had been shared 88 times and was seen by almost 6,000 viewers within a six-hour period following its posting.

The 2-minute video initially shows a man, his head and face somewhat visible, inspecting two parked cars in a driveway with light from his cell phone. He tries the door of one and finds it locked. He looks at the door of the second, and seemingly finds it unlocked. He then pulls a hood over his head, signals a second individual who also is hooded, and together they go though contents of the second vehicle.

The gender of the second individual is not apparent in the video, and a hood completely covers the face. However, viewers noted in comments on Facebook that neither individual wore gloves, and that their fingerprints might be available as evidence.

During the video’s remaining seconds the individual on the driver side of the vehicle takes time to inspect something that may have been taken from inside, then he and the apparent accomplice quietly shut both doors and quickly walk from the scene.

The vehicle’s interior light goes out as they slip away.

Video still photo from Crime In Pottstown via Facebook