Truck Accident Downs NorCo Power Pole

NORTH COVENTRY PA – Residents occupying homes south of Temple Road lost electrical power for a time Friday night (April 15, 2016), according to a North Coventry Police Department report, after a Federal Express truck was involved in an accident near the intersection of Chestnut Hill Road and Ian Drive that downed a utility pole and accompanying wires.

The report, issued by police Friday at about 7 p.m. on their Chester County CrimeWatch web portal, said the accident had “sheared in half” a PECO power pole on the southeast corner of Ian Drive, causing the outage. PECO crews responding to the incident estimated occupants of surrounding properties would be without electricity for about two hours, police said.

The portion of Chestnut Hill Road between Nottingham Road and Ian Drive was closed until the pole could be replaced, according to the report. North Coventry Fire Department volunteers opened and staffed their firehouse to provide assistance to the area’s residents if needed, it added.

Police gave no indication of the cause of the accident, whether anyone was injured, or if charges resulted from the mishap.

Photo from Google Images