Sanatoga Propane Tanks: Poof! They’re Gone

ON THEIR WAY FOR STORAGE ELSEWHERE – Two proane storage tanks that sat for decades at the former Shaner Propane facility at 3000 E. High St., near the Sanatoga interchange of U.S. Route 422, were removed last week, Lower Pottsgrove Fire Marshal Lew Babel reported Monday (May 2, 2016) to the township Board of Commissioners. The tanks, which Babel said held 29,000 gallons and 18,000 gallons of liquid propane fuel, respectively, were taken from their concrete moorings (above and below), loaded onto trucks, and shipped to western Pennsylvania to be refurbished. They will be repaired, cleaned, painted, inspected, and put into storage service elsewhere, Babel said. The fire marshal said he was happy the tanks were no longer in the township, primarily because of fire hazards they could have presented. The tanks were in the news in late April as workers from their owner, AmeriGas of Valley Forge PA, safely burned off remaining gas over a two-day period.

Sanatoga Propane Tanks: Poof! They're Gone