Another Successful Pow-Wow, Despite Weather

Visitors to the weekend Pow-Wow On Manatawny Creek, above, look at one vendor’s colorful offerings

POTTSTOWN PA – Ron Williams, Pottstown school board member and organizer of the weekend’s “Pow-Wow On Manatawny Creek” celebration of Native American culture, figured Mother Nature offered one out of two. He was happy to take both.

It rained and was chilly Saturday (May 7, 2016), and was warmer with bright sun Sunday (May 8), as the two-day annual event provided dance, song, food and traditional activities in the borough’s Memorial Park on West King Street. It was created to help the public learn more about and enjoy our area’s rich Native American history.

The state of the weather didn’t matter, Williams said. In spite of the first day, and in delight of the second, participants and the audience alike were enthusiastic, he said. Visitors were eager to see and hear those who performed, demonstrated their skills, and talked about their heritage. A “feeling of community” filled the grounds, he added.

  • Watch a video (above) of Williams describing the event and visitors’ reactions, along with scenes from Sunday’s activity, or see it at The Post’s YouTube channel.

Thousands have turned out over several years to attend the pow-wow, a term which Williams explained is an interpretation of several different tribal words with the similar meaning: to meet or gather socially. Proceeds from the event help support maintenance and beautification of a Native American burial site at the corner of Franklin Street and Industrial Highway.

Another Successful Pow-Wow, Despite Weather

Participants proudly displayed their regalia

Another Successful Pow-Wow, Despite Weather

Colorful Native American crafts could be found at tents throughout the grounds

Another Successful Pow-Wow, Despite Weather

Craftsman Val Kobrin showed his skill in making Native American-style flutes

Videography by Joe Zlomek, photos by Debbie Zlomek for The Post Publications LLC