This iPad Air Disappeared … Into Thin Air

NORTH COVENTRY PA – Last weekend’s hot and steamy conditions made it a perfect occasion for a swim, or so thought a Bellewood Golf Course patron, until he later discovered that an iPad Air computer tablet valued at several hundred dollars had gone missing from his parked vehicle.

North Coventry police, in a Facebook page item posted Tuesday (Aug. 16, 2016), reported the victim of theft from a vehicle had gone swimming at the private club off East Schuylkill Road in the township Saturday (Aug. 13) between 3 and 6 p.m. His doors were locked, but its windows “were left partially down” to allow air circulation, they said he admitted.

Partially down seemingly turned out to be too much down. When the owner returned to his ride, assumingly refreshed and ready for the evening, he found his work bag – and the valuable iPad Air inside it – were gone.

The police department said its investigation into the theft “is ongoing,” and asks “anyone with information to contact them.”

Photo from Google Images