Responder Incidents Include Pottstown Accident

EAGLEVILLE PA – Local police, fire and emergency medical service (EMS) responders were activated for at least eight incidents, including a traffic accident, Sunday (Sept. 11, 2016) from after 3 a.m. to before 11 p.m. in West Pottsgrove, Lower Pottsgrove, and Pottstown, Montgomery County dispatchers based in Eagleville reported.

HIGH ST & GLASGOW ST; WEST POTTSGROVE; 2016-09-11 @ 22:16:54-Station:STA57;

N HANOVER ST & KING ST; POTTSTOWN; 2016-09-11 @ 19:18:34;

EMS: Cva/Stroke
HIGH ST & S PARK RD; LOWER POTTSGROVE; Station 329; 2016-09-11 @ 19:11:11;

EMS: Respiratory Emergency
HIGH ST & S FRANKLIN ST; POTTSTOWN; Station 329; 2016-09-11 @ 16:01:31;

EMS: General Weakness
6TH ST & JOHNSON ST; POTTSTOWN; Station 329; 2016-09-11 @ 15:35:43;

JOHNSON ST & E 5TH ST; POTTSTOWN; 2016-09-11 @ 13:14:50;

EMS: Altered Mental Status
HIGH ST & S WASHINGTON ST; POTTSTOWN; Station 329; 2016-09-11 @ 09:59:32;

EMS: Assault Victim
KING ST; POTTSTOWN; Station 329; 2016-09-11 @ 03:45:54.

The list above was curated from entries made in the county Department of Public Safety’s “active incidents” status feed. It includes only incidents selected within The Post’s coverage area, and does not represent all countywide responder activity for the time period.

In most cases, each entry reflects the type of responder, the reported emergency, the intersection or location closest to the incident, the corresponding township or borough, the numbered station responding, the date, and the time of the dispatch expressed in military terms.

Photo from Google Images