Pottstown Seniors Hover Down The Hallway

ALL STEAMED UP TO HOVER – Students in the Pottstown High School engineering technology class taught by Andy Bachman, with its focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math, have been busy harnessing the power of air, school district Community Relations Director John Armato reported Thursday (Dec. 15, 2016). District Director of Career Technology Dr. Steve Park (above) had a chance to sit in, but not pilot, an air-powered hallway hovercraft built by class members. The one-person device uses air flow created by a fan to lift it slightly off the floor and glide it forward. A steering wheel directs blades that channel the air propulsion. One pilot, senior Ernest McCalvin, got to drive the device across the school’s smooth flooring; see a 25-second video of the event, here.

Photo from the Pottstown School District