Arboretum Volunteers Recycled Holiday Trees

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – The cars of Pottstown area donors streamed steadily though the driveways of Althouse Arboretum on Saturday (Jan. 7, 2017), as the Gilbertsville Road park and nature preserve held its annual Christmas tree recycling day. The arboretum collected dozens of holiday trees, dropped off by environmentally conscious area residents, to be later chipped into mulch for grooming its trails in the spring.

Several area municipalities allow residents to leave unwanted trees at curbside, to be picked up with domestic trash during January. The recycling effort reduces the load of trees that might otherwise end up in landfills, according to Jessica Brennan, program director for arboretum operator Green Allies of Green Lane PA. Additionally, cash donations offered by some of Saturday’s generous visitors also helps lower programming costs, she said.

Green Allies Executive Director Ken Hamilton said he was pleased with the public response, as he surveyed stacked rows of trees. Upper Pottsgrove Township’s public works department has agreed to do the chipping. Another squad of volunteers will finish the mulching when warmer weather arrives. Those who worked Saturday did all they could to keep warm while awaiting trees; the temperature was in the teens for much of their seven-hour day.

Photo and video by The Post Publications