Truck Found In Boro Pedestrian Death Case

POTTSTOWN PA – An “individual who came forward to provide information” about a pick-up truck that last Friday night (March 3, 2017) allegedly struck a 24-year-borough man as he walked to work, near the intersection of Route 100 and Shoemaker Road, has helped Pottstown police and Montgomery County detectives locate the vehicle, the county District Attorney’s office reported.

However, investigators have not divulged where the truck was found, and so far have not filed charges against its driver whose name, the DA added, “is not being released.”

The victim, Pottstown resident Donald Purnell, died of his injuries. He had been on his way to work at about 8 p.m. at the Wendy’s Restaurant near the intersection.

The pick-up, a 1994 Ford XLT that matches a description provided by a witness to the crash, has damage to its hood, radiator, grill, and bumper. Authorities obtained a search warrant for the truck that was signed by a judge, and it currently is the subject of “a complete forensic examination,” according to a statement from First Assistant District Attorney Edward F. McCann Jr. A section of the pick-up truck’s grill was recovered at the scene.

In the statement, District Attorney Kevin Steele himself thanked “both the media, for sharing this tragic story about a young man who was killed walking to work, and the individual who came forward,” he said. “That assistance has been invaluable in this investigation.”

Photo from Google Images