Your Free Donuts Await Today; Scarf ‘Em Up!

Your Free Donuts Await Today; Scarf 'Em Up!COLLEGEVILLE PA – Today (Friday, June 2, 2017) is National Donut Day, and it seems like everyone is making making a big deal out of sweetened dough. Donut merchants across western Montgomery County are promoting the holes out of this 24-hour period of toothsome bliss, which originated almost 80 years ago in Chicago.

The event was created in 1938 to honor a Salvation Army effort to make life a little more bearable for U.S. troops fighting in World War I. Salvation Army female volunteers, nicknamed “Doughnut Girls” or “Donut Lassies” fried the cake goods in soldiers’ helmets and served them up as treats, along with free coffee and personal supplies. It was a huge hit, and the practice continued during World War II. The modern Donut Day is now observed annually on the first Friday in June.

  • Customers of Dunkin’ Donuts today will get a free donut of their choice with the purchase of any beverage. Local Dunkin’ stores are located at 125 Gravel Pike, Collegeville; 800 Main St., Royersford; 1495 E. High. St., Pottstown; 1601 W. High St., Stowe; 6 Kugler Rd., Limerick; 849 E. Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown; 2321 Pottstown Pike, Pughtown; and 955 Ben Franklin Hwy., Douglassville.
  • Buy 10 dozen (hey, be a big spender and throw a donut party) at Suzy Jo Donuts, 301 N. Lewis Rd., Royersford, and get the 11th dozen for free.
  • Be among the first 20 people to make any purchase at Paradise Donuts, 2170 E, High St., Sanatoga, and get a free donut to boot.
  • If you’re hankering for a Krispy Kreme donut in any variety, it’s yours free today as well. You’re going to travel for it, though; the nearest franchise is in Havertown PA, 25 miles away in Delaware County. Want a free Tim Horton’s donut? It’s yours if you buy coffee, and are willing to make an equally distant drive to its store in Allentown.

Got a preference? So do your neighbors. A survey by National Today claims that Americans’ top five donut flavors, in declining order of preference, are Glazed, Boston Cream, Chocolate Frosted, Jelly Filled, and Chocolate Cake.

We’ll take ’em all.

Photo from Paradise Donuts via Facebook