Spotted A Fox? In Pennsburg, You’re Not Alone

Spotted A Fox? In Pennsburg, You're Not AlonePENNSBURG PA – Borough residents who occasionally see foxes roam yards and fields during the day may take comfort in knowing they aren’t alone. The Upper Perkiomen Police Department reported Wednesday (June 14, 2017) on its Facebook page that it has “received a decent amount of complaints lately relating to fox” sightings, particularly during daylight hours.

The wild animals are known to be naturally sly and cunning, but they pose few threats to humans, according to borough Animal Control Officer Rachael Demeter. Although they seek food mainly at night, “it is completely normal to see fox out and about during the day as well, since they tend to bury their food and return for a mid-day snack,” she said.

“During the months of late April to mid-July, fox tend to seek larger meals, such as chickens, mice, birds, rabbits, and even cats,” Demeter added. “This is because their kits are weaned, and the adult fox needs to provide food for up to five kits now learning to eat solid food.”

Home owners hoping to deter a fox from setting its paws on their property should:

  • Never leave a small pet unattended, or allow it to roam freely … especially at night or dawn;
  • Not feed wildlife, even bird feeders, since they attract mice and other small prey;
  • Not leave pet food outside, especially canned cat food, as it has a strong scent;
  • Keep trash properly secured;
  • Keep grill and grilling tools clean;
  • Cover a sandbox every night, as it’s a preferred toilet for many animals; including fox;
  • Apply grub killer to your lawn, which also is effective for skunks;
  • Install a motion sensor sprinkler system, also known as a motion-activated animal repellent sprinkler;
  • Install a high fence around your yard; and
  • Close off any open areas under sheds, decks, pools, and fences.

Photo from Google Images