UPDATE: Police ID 4 Men Spotted At Windlestrae

GILBERTSVILLE PA – Thanks to public help, New Hanover Township Police say they’ve successfully identified all four young men who were caught July 31 (2017; Monday) on video camera as they allegedly “attempted to get into a vehicle” parked on Topaz Drive in the Windlestrae housing community south of Route 73. The department, in a post on its Facebook page, did not indicate if they have been or will be charged in any way.

“Thank you to all of you who have responded with tips,” it said. “We have identified all four actors.”

The story of how they were spotted by the unblinking eye of the surveillance device was shared from Facebook more than 470 times, and its video attracted more than 21,000 viewers.

The Post’s earlier story, published Aug. 1 (2017; Tuesday) appears below.

Police Look For Four Men Spotted At Windlestrae

GILBERTSVILLE PA – They knew a surveillance camera was watching.

A group of four young men caught in video footage Monday morning (July 31, 2017) shortly after 4 a.m. “attempted to get into a vehicle” parked on Topaz Drive in the Windlestrae housing community south of Route 73, New Hanover Township Police alleged. They thought twice, though, when one of them noticed and pointed to a functioning video camera tracking their every move.

  • See the 37-second video (above) that was posted by the police department to its Facebook page. As of Tuesday (Aug. 1) at 5 a.m. it had already received nearly 11,000 views.

The department asked for public help in identifying the four, all of whom were dressed casually in shorts and lightweight shirts, and two of whom wore caps. “Anybody with information is encouraged to contact the department at 610-327-1150,” police wrote. They enlarged photos from the footage frames and added them to Facebook as well.

In the video’s opening seconds, the four can be seen casually strolling into view of the camera, which apparently is mounted several feet above them. One of them, walking in the lead, momentarily stares directly into its lens. He knows they’re being recorded.

Behind him, the last of his colleagues stops by the door of the vehicle, a pick-up truck. He motions to it, and seems to talk with his buddies. Then he turns to look into the vehicle’s driver side window, and appears to test its door handle to see if it will open.

Not so fast, the lead walker seems to say.

He points up to the camera. All four look up at its direction and the unblinking lens. The retinas of their eyes glow with the reflection of ambient light. Now more aware, two of the four quickly walk away. The other two appear less hurried, but they also leave. And in the remaining second, the camera shows only the empty street.

Video from the New Hanover Police Department via Facebook