Sip Up Area’s Newest Coffee: ‘Tree Hugger Blend’

Sip Up Area's Newest Coffee: 'Tree Hugger Blend'

SCHWENKSVILLE PA – The latest morning (or any time) beverage available along the roughly 11-mile stretch of Route 29 between Schwenksville and Pennsburg combines the enthusiasm of environmentally conscious volunteers with the eye-widening energy of premium coffee beans.

Speakeasy Coffee Company, which since 2013 has roasted coffee in small batches from its shop at 875 Main St., Pennsburg, has partnered with the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy in Schwenksville to create a co-branded morning coffee variety called “The Tree Hugger Blend” (at top). Conservancy Director Ryan Beltz cheerfully reported the collaboration in the non-profit’s Tuesday (Sept. 5, 2017) newsletter.

The brew will be served to conservancy volunteers before they jump into tasks like the upcoming Perkiomen Plant-A-Thon, during which they’ll establish about 5,000 native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. It also will be featured at all of the conservancy’s major events, he said, and within only weeks is expected to be available for purchase at both Speakeasy’s website and on the shelves of selected area grocers.

How’s it taste? According to Beltz’s palate, Tree Hugger “combines the bold flavors of ‘Get-Up-And-Go’ with ‘Yes, I Can Make a Difference Today’!” Those savoring the blend will “smell the sweet aroma of ‘This is Fun’ while tasting subtle hints of ‘I Love Planting Trees’!,” he added.

The company said its “small-batch roasting allows for nearly complete control over the roasting process, and is ideal for providing the consumer with the freshest coffee possible. We take pride in the fact that the coffee being delivered to your door was roasted just a short time before.”

The new venture is expected to create benefits for both partners. Speakeasy’s role also fits with a vision expressed by company co-founder Nelson Floyd IV. “The community that is created around coffee is often quite tangible,” he writes on its website. “There is something very satisfying about being immersed in an industry that brings happiness to many people around the world.”

Floyd also notes Speakeasy coffees often rely on smallholdings (family-owned farms) and co-operatives ” and have been purchased at an above-fair-trade premium.” Buyers of Tree Hugger and other Speakeasy products “can be sure that the farmers and producers have been paid a living wage,” he added.

Photos from the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy