Camera’s Constantly Rolling In New Hanover

“X” MARKS THE EXCHANGE SPOT – If you plan to personally pick up a purchase made on the web, or exchange custody of a child, you may want a video record of the transaction. As of Tuesday (Sept. 26, 2017), that’s now being offered as a public service of the New Hanover Township Police Department, 2943 N. Charlotte St., Gilbertsville PA. Police Chief Kevin McKeon (inset at top) announced on the department’s Facebook page that the space designated within the blue “X,” painted on part of its asphalt parking area, “is under constant video surveillance.” With the camera rolling 24-7-365, a video can be available “should you run into any issues,” he told the public. For more information on the service, call the department at 610-327-1150.

Photos from the New Hanover Police Department via Facebook