Background Check Fee Hikes Won’t Affect Schools

HARRISBURG PA – Obtaining a criminal history check still won’t cost a dime for residents of the Perkiomen Valley School District, or others who voluntarily work with or on behalf of children. For anyone else needing a records report, though, most often for employment purposes, the price charged by the state will nearly triple beginning Friday (Dec. 1, 2017).

Criminal background scans required for volunteering at school functions, or various other activities, are intended to keep specific categories of criminals away from access to kids. To encourage volunteerism, they will remain free, the Pennsylvania State Police announced.

But as part of the 2017-2018 budget package approved by the state Legislature, the cost of the state’s basic criminal history check will rise from $8 to $22, the troopers added. The price of an Individual Access and Review report that provides additional information, including non-conviction-data, also will jump: from $10 to $20.

The dramatic price hikes are the result of a recommendation by auditors, the state police said. They reported the new fees “will now be more in-line with what other states charge for similar services.”

Both reports are available online, from the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History system, here. The system’s criminal history reports may be requested by outside entities including employers; the Individual Access and Review is available only to verified individuals or his or her legal representatives.

Photo from Google Images