Boyertown Wins $300,000 PA Renovation Grant

Dowtown Boyertown was filled with people (at top) during December’s Chillin’ On Main event

BOYERTOWN PA – A $300,000 grant was awarded Wednesday (Jan. 3, 2018) by Pennsylvania’s Keystone Communities program to the borough’s business-boosting group, Building A Better Boyertown, so it can re-develop a downtown property as both retail and residential spaces, Gov. Tom Wolf’s office announced.

The organization has been working on plans to renovate what Main Street Manager Adrianne Blank called a “vacant and blighted building” at 45 South Reading Ave. for mixed uses. It envisions attracting a future restaurant on its first floor, and rehabbing and leasing five apartments upstairs. The Boyertown project was one of 22 revitalization efforts that won a total of $5.4 million in state funding.

Wolf described them as “a boon for those areas.”

The grant comes on the heels of other news happily received Tuesday (Jan. 2) by Building A Better Boyertown: the travel website “Getaway Mavens” ranked the borough third among what it said were the 20 “Most Popular Towns In the Northeast USA 2017.” Boyertown, it wrote, “has more heart and soul than many larger towns – with a new nostalgic luxury tourist railroad, art and history.”

The ranking was based on the travel guide’s compilation of “number of page views as reported on Google Analytics.” Boyertown moved up a notch from 2016, when it ranked fourth.

The grant from Keystone Communities, administered by the state Department of Community and Economic Development, is intended to encourage public-private partnerships, support local initiatives that grow and stabilize neighborhoods and communities, ensure social and economic diversity, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Also in Berks County, Keystone Communities said it would give $500,000 to the Greater Berks Development Fund to buy and prepare a site located near Reading’s Buttonwood Street Bridge. No grants were offered during this round to projects in Montgomery or Chester counties.

Photo from Google Images