Sergeant’s Action Helps Save A Pennsburg Life

Sergeant's Action Helps Save A Pennsburg LifePENNSBURG PA – Quick thinking by an Upper Perkiomen Police Department officer has apparently helped save the life of a person suffering from an opioid overdose, it reported Saturday (Jan. 13, 2018) on Facebook.

Police learned Saturday at about 3 p.m. that an Upper Perkiomen ambulance crew was being dispatched to an address within the borough, which was not specified, for what was described as an “unknown medical emergency.” Sgt. Joseph Adam Jr. rolled on the call as well, and upon arriving at the scene “immediately recognized the patient was suffering from an opioid overdose,” the department said.

Adam administered the drug Naloxone, which is known to counteract the opioid effects, “and the patient started to recover,” it added. The ambulance crew, which was assisted during the call by Pennsburg Fire Company volunteers, assumed care of the patient, who the department said survived the ordeal.

“Great job by all involved,” it added.

Photo from Google Images