State Troopers’ Shooter Training Fills In Trappe

State Troopers' Shooter Training Fills In TrappeTRAPPE PA – In what seems to be a reflection of concern over recent school shootings elsewhere, an active shooter training session that’s free to the public – scheduled for March 22 (2018; Thursday) in Trappe – is already filled to capacity and has no more seats available. The program will be conducted by Pennsylvania State Police, and sponsored by the non-profit Pillars Of Light And Love organization.

The 7-9 p.m. event at the Empowering U Center, 511 W Main St., was added to the Pillars’ Facebook page on Thursday (Feb. 22). Tickets moved quickly.

Pillars Of Light And Love is among the first known groups in western Montgomery County to take advantage of a state police offer, publicized in late January, to provide programs that “prepare individuals in the event that they are involved in an active shooter situation.” In only two days, that notice of the troopers’ availability was shared more than 1,200 times.

Pillars Of Light And Love was founded by Kathy Opperman, an area real estate sales agent who also is a licensed registered nurse and certified life coach. The organization focuses on stress and life management, and intends to “to educate youth and adults to reduce stress, strengthen self-esteem, overcome anxiety, build confidence, achieve effective coping, positive communication skills, and healthy relationships.”

Most of its workshops are free. Donations help provide free stress relief services. Watch a video about the Pillars Of Light And Love (below), or see it at Opperman’s YouTube channel, here.

Other groups from across the state also have petitioned the state police to bring the program, lead by trainers in its Domestic Security Section, to their communities. Organizations interested in hosting an active shooter presentation are asked to provide information about themselves and make a request by e-mail only to

The program is designed to cover all venues, troopers said, including commerce, education, open spaces, places of worship, and public settings. “Individuals taking the course will be better prepared to both act and react during an active shooter event,” they said. It uses audio and video clips to get participants “into the mindset of what may occur during an active shooter situation, and to try to realistically have them feel involved,” they added.

Discussions will cover associated behaviors, thoughts and feelings to indicate that someone may be disgruntled at their job, in their personal life, or with society. Triggering events that may cause individuals to become an active shooter are also discussed.

Video from Pillars Of Light And Love; photo from Google Images

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