Pottstown Native Teaches Information Warriors

By the U.S. Navy Office of Community Outreach
For The Post Publications

PENSACOLA FL – A Pottstown native and 2006 Pottstown High School graduate is stationed in Florida with a command responsible for teaching future information warriors the skills required to defend America around the world.

Pottstown Native Teaches Information WarriorsPetty Officer 1st Class Sara Butko (above) works as a cryptologic technician, and operates from the Information Warfare Training Command at Corry Station, where she teaches cryptologic technology. Corry Station is a unit of the Center for Information Warfare Training, headquartered in Pensacola.

Cryptologic technicians are responsible for analyzing electronic communications, jamming enemy radar signals, deciphering information in foreign languages, and maintaining equipment and networks used to generate top secret intelligence.

Butko credits success in the Navy with lessons learned growing up in Pottstown. “The motto we live by is to shoot for the moon so you land upon the stars,” she said.

A member of one of the U.S. Navy’s most relied-upon assets, Butko has earned a Navy Achievement Medal and also served overseas. “Serving in the Navy is a large sense of pride (in) being able to serve my country,” she added. “It’s not only helping me, but it’s helping our whole nation.”

Charged with developing the future technical cadre of the information warfare community, the center leads, manages, and delivers Navy and joint force training to 22,000 students annually. With 1,200 military, civilian and contracted staff members, it oversees about 200 courses at four information warfare training commands, two detachments, and additional learning sites located throughout the United States and Japan.

The center is responsible for training enlisted cryptologic technicians, information systems technicians, intelligence specialists, and electronics technicians. It also provides training to cryptologic warfare, information professional, intelligence, and foreign area officers that prepares them to be prepared to wage battle, and assure the nation’s success in this burgeoning warfare arena.

Cory Station sailors and staff like Butko are intent on “building trust, demonstrating teamwork, pursuing growth, and instilling grit which make our command thrive in training information warfare professionals for the Navy the nation needs,” commanding officer Cmdr. Chad Smith said. “I’m extremely proud of how (they) readily adapt to achieve and maintain the highest of standards.”

Photo from the Navy