Thirty-Six Pottstown Area Cases Offered Child Support ‘Amnesty’

NORRISTOWN PA – More than 50 individuals reportedly wanted for failure to pay child support, and whose last known addresses were in western Montgomery County, are among those to whom county Domestic Relations Office Director Gary Kline wants to give a second chance. The list includes 36 cases involving people who once called Pottstown, Stowe, Boyertown, and Gilbertsville “home.”

Kline and county Sheriff Sean P. Kilkenny are offering an amnesty of five days, between Monday (Aug. 27) at 8:30 a.m. and Friday (Aug. 31) at 4 p.m., to them and dozens of other men and women in Pennsylvania and elsewhere wanted on the sheriff’s list of domestic relations bench warrants.

If they turn themselves in to Kline’s office at 425 Swede St. during the period and make arrangements to pay what they owe, he and Kilkenny pledged this week at a press conference, they won’t be arrested.

And if they don’t show up? Well then, Kilkenny also promised, his department will “aggressively pursue these parents after the amnesty period. They could be subject to wage and tax refund garnishment, suspended licenses and passports, arrest, and jail time.”

According to the sheriff’s database last updated March 20, 2018, those wanted locally and the amounts they allegedly owe (some names with multiple cases appear more than once) include:

  • Angie Rambo, Boyertown, $9,244.89;
  • Gregory Graham, Gilbertsville, $1,829.51;
  • James Marlin-Fazio, Gilbertsville, $27,486.14;
  • Paul Cartwright, Pottstown, $1,138.72;
  • James Ingram, Pottstown, $1,603.66;
  • Regina Tompkins, Pottstown, $5,047.52;
  • Victor Corum, Pottstown, $6,487.39;
  • Jonathan Panaccion, Pottstown, $9,027.68;
  • Dwayne Williams, Pottstown, $1,960.16;
  • Zachary Delay, Pottstown, $441.56;
  • Zachary Delay, Pottstown, $217.81;
  • Charles Neely, Pottstown, $16,388.27;
  • Regina Tompkins, Pottstown, $591.67;
  • Elizabeth Wood, Pottstown, $822.08;
  • Todd Phillips, Pottstown, $32,221.77;
  • Todd Phillips, Pottstown, $5,471.38;
  • Todd Phillips, Pottstown, $25,140.77;
  • Michael Karpinski, Pottstown, $8,098.09;
  • Christopher Womack, Pottstown, $1,937.37;
  • Israel Torres, Pottstown, $40,602.09;
  • Israel Torres, Pottstown, $8,794.31;
  • Matthew Rettew, Pottstown, $3,827.23;
  • Matthew Rettew, Pottstown, $6,627.93;
  • Theodore Tinson, Pottstown, $4,884.74;
  • Theodore Tinson, Pottstown, $1,431.24;
  • George Robbins, Pottstown, $6,866.09;
  • Rosco Mckissic, Pottstown, $5,934.31;
  • Tyree Smith, Pottstown, $2,235.19;
  • Thomas Heimbach, Pottstown, $2,870.80;
  • Thomas Heimbach, Pottstown, $1,331.62;
  • Ernest Mccalvin, Pottstown, $15,065.58;
  • Alan Schnitler, Pottstown, $50,906.70;
  • Paul Diehl, Pottstown, $37,347.29;
  • Christopher Leader, Pottstown, $35,065.44;
  • Marvin Little, Pottstown, $13,500.32; and
  • Jason Stiefel, Stowe, $14,950.20.

“Child support is a critical source of income for many families. Our ultimate goal is to try and create financial stability by reducing barriers to paying child support,” Kline said. “Governor Wolf proclaimed August as Child Support Awareness Month, so we are using the amnesty to bring awareness to noncustodial parents about the importance of making court-ordered support payments.”

Letters went out Tuesday (Aug. 21) to more than 230 delinquent parents instructing them to report to Kline’s office, or face a range of consequences. The program does not apply to defendants who are detained by agencies other than the sheriff during the amnesty week.

The last amnesty program, in 2013, yielded more than 6.5 percent of arrearages owed, the pair claimed. That money helped keep defendants in good standing with the Domestic Relations Office and custodial parents.

Anonymous tips regarding wanted individuals may be reported by calling the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 610-278-3340, or by sending an email to

Photo from Google Images