‘Dining With Diabetes’ Program Starts Sept. 6

POTTSTOWN PA – Adults with type 2 diabetes who want to better manage their disease may benefit from a nationally accredited program called “Dining with Diabetes,” scheduled to begin Sept. 6 (2018; Thursday) at 6 p.m. and continuing weekly for five weeks at the Pottstown Hospital CarePlex, 81 Robinson St. Online registrations for the series are being accepted now, here.

Participants learn how to prepare meals that are healthy, simple, and tasty. Class members sample new recipes and learn up to date nutrition information. Family members are also may attend. After classes end, its members meet again in three months for a follow-up session to check progress.

A1C, a measure of blood glucose levels, will be checked (a $35 value) and blood pressure will be taken at both orientation and the follow-up class. Participants are also given incentives including an exercise DVD, plate method placemat, and a Dining with Diabetes Cookbook.

The class, conducted by Penn State Extension and normally a $200 value, is being offered at a cost of $5 per participant under a grant from the Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation. For more information, call Penn State Customer Support toll-free at 1-877-345-0691.

Many people with type 2 diabetes struggle with basic diabetes management. Developing a healthy lifestyle with type 2 diabetes is about taking control. It means learning how to manage blood sugar, keeping blood pressure in check, eating well-balanced healthy meals, and adding exercise to your daily activities.

Diabetes is a serious and costly disease, but research has shown that those who learn to manage their blood sugar levels, eat healthy, and exercise regularly can lower the risk of complications and lead a healthier life.

Photo from Penn State Extension