Driver Crashed Monday Into Key Bank Wall

AMITY PA – A vehicle driver and passenger both sustained facial injuries, and an office employee also was hurt, when a 2005 Ford Escape crashed Monday (Aug. 27, 2018) at about 2:22 p.m. into the Douglassville branch office of Key Bank, 1191 Benjamin Franklin Highway West, according to Amity Township police. Part of the office exterior wall and a window structure were damaged, they added.

The police department, on its website, offered a photo (at top and below) and limited details about what it labeled as an “accident.” The photo seems to show the incident occurred in a bank parking lot, and the vehicle struck the wall after over-running a wheel barrier. Its report did not address the possible cause of the accident, or the speed of the vehicle at the time the crash occurred.

Although the report said the driver was a Pottstown resident, none of those involved or injured in the accident were otherwise identified by name, address, age, or sex. The report did not indicate if any charges were filed or citations issued.

The extent of the facial injuries incurred by the driver and passenger were unknown, but both “were transported to Reading Hospital for treatment,” the report stated. A bank employee who was in the office where the impact occurred, according to police, “sustained minor injuries.” The report did not address whether or how that individual received medical attention.

Personnel representing township codes enforcement inspected the bank property after the accident and deemed it “safe for occupancy,” the report stated. “The bank remained open during the course of the incident,” it added.

Driver Crashed Monday Into Amity Bank Wall

Photo from the Amity Police Department