Thefts From Vehicles Spreading In New Hanover

NEW HANOVER PA – Bad guys have broadened their scope in stealing items from vehicles in New Hanover, township police reported Thursday (Oct. 18, 2018) on the department’s Facebook page. They’re no longer satisfied with raiding local housing communities, it indicated; it’s obvious they want even more.

“Please remember to lock your car doors,” the department urged its social media readers. “We have been experiencing a rash of thefts from vehicles throughout the township, and not just in the developments anymore.” There was no mention of the number of thefts from vehicles involved, or if they were concentrated in locations other than residential areas.

The message was clear though: vehicles owners must do everything possible to protect themselves against having items taken from cars, trucks, or anything else parked outside.

Law enforcement officials generally recommend the following tips:

  • Make certain to lock unoccupied vehicles at all times, as New Hanover suggested;
  • Remove valuables from cars;
  • Call 9-1-1 about anything that looks suspicious;
  • Report all suspicious activity at the time it’s seen; and
  • Warn neighbors and friends who might not regularly read news or social media posts about the local thefts.

New Hanover residents who see something in their neighborhoods that doesn’t look right or causes them concern, as well as anyone who may have information regarding the latest thefts from vehicles incidents, should call the department at 610-327-1150.

Photo from Google Images