Caution! Traffic’s Not The Same In Gilbertsville

GILBERTSVILLE PA – Traffic patterns changed significantly Monday (Oct. 22, 2018) at the intersection of County Line Road, Holly Road, and Route 100 – in front of the shopping center anchored by Giant Foods, 173 Holly Rd. – the Douglass (Montgomery) Township Police Department said, and it wants to ensure drivers get its message.

It placed a digital sign trailer at the location to increase driver awareness, and on its Facebook page is asking travelers to “please be patient while other motorists adjust to the new pattern.”

  • Drivers headed south on County Line Road, approaching 100, must now make a full stop at the intersection, no matter what direction they intend from there. That’s new, police noted; previous signage demanded a “stop unless right turn.”
  • Drivers traveling from Holly Road on the side of the Hollenbach Home Center have always been required to make a full stop there. That continues, police added.
  • And drivers must recognize traffic from Route 100 does not stop. Yellow caution signs have been erected at both locations, repeating that fact.

Photo from Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license