Foundation, Others Underwrite Water Education

POTTSTOWN PA – A new, seven-week course intended to teach Pottstown Middle School students (above and below) about water quality, and the biological organisms that clean water helps support, has received a boost from funding provided by The Foundation for Pottstown Education, the Green Valleys Watershed, and Montgomery County Community College, the foundation reported Friday (Nov. 16, 2018).

The program targets students who are members of the middle school’s Environmental Education Club, and gives them an opportunity to learn more about local waterways. Titled “Liquid Connections – How Water Quality Affects Biological Organisms,” the education represents community collaboration and features topics that include adaptations and birds, water quality, and orienteering.

As part of their effort, club members are scheduled to:

  • Participate in field trips to various local sites including Warwick County Park; Welkinweir, the Green Valleys’ headquarters, and Ralph Murgia Park in West Pottsgrove for hands-on studies of and hiking at their ponds and streams;
  • Tour the Pottstown Wastewater Treatment plant;
  • Canoe a portion of the Schuylkill River in Phoenixville; and
  • Work with the Montgomery County Community College on water quality studies at its Pottstown campus.

Physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of a body of water have a direct impact on the health of the organisms that rely on the water. Pollution sources and agricultural run-off have major impacts on the water quality of lakes, streams and rivers. They also affect biological species the water sustains, which can cause species to die off and ecosystems to collapse. Limiting pollutants and maintaining ideal water quality conditions is vital for ecosystems that rely on water for survival.

Foundation funding for the program was made possible by donations specifically for environmental studies. The foundation previously supported a club trip to the Pocono Environmental Education Center, as well as environmental after-school programs for all four Pottstown School District elementary schools.

The foundation is currently seeking additional funds to continue its support these programs. Potential contributors are encouraged to contact Executive Director Joe Rusiewicz by calling 610-970-6616, or send him an e-mail to Its mission is to support, promote, sponsor and carry out educational, scientific or charitable activities and objectives within or related to the Pottstown schools.

Foundation, Others Underwrite Water Education

Photos from The Foundation for Pottstown Education