Pottstown High Student Blood Drive Exceeds Goal

Pottstown High Blood Drive Exceeds Goal

Pottstown High Blood Drive Exceeds GoalPOTTSTOWN HIGH STUDENTS SURPASS THEIR GOAL – When the first of three annual blood drives ended Wednesday (Nov. 28, 2018) at Pottstown High School, its health care technology students (at top) had exceeded their day’s goal of 35 pints by two extra, the Pottstown School District reported. Blood and platelet products offered by donors (above and left) are urgently needed during the holiday season for medical treatments and emergencies. They were delivered by the Miller Keystone Blood Bank directly to Pottstown Hospital. “I am very proud of our students and staff,” health technology teacher Michaela Johnson said, adding “their gift of life helps make Pottstown High School one of the top donating sites in Southeast Pennsylvania.” Her students “gained some excellent real-world experience” as they assisted the collection staff, she noted.

Photos from the Pottstown School District